Studio And Equipment

guido helbling studio - movie pro tools session

Studio Equipment

I work with industry-standard studio equipment like Pro Tools and Soundminer, which guarantees compatibility with all standard workflows and production systems in audio post-production.

Mac Pro 2010, 12-core

5.1 Surround Sound Monitoring System, Dynaudio DM5A mk2 Monitoring

Pro Tools HD 12 via Dante and Yamaha DM1000

Soundminer Soundlibrary Management Tool

Conformalizer from Cargo Cult

iZotope RX Audio Restauration Tool

RTW Analysing Tools

Comprehensive, officially licensed sound archive with tons of original recordings from all over the world.

Plugins: I like the tools from Audio Ease, the Sonnox compressors, this and that from iZotope, Justin Webster's creative tools from his company Cargo Cult, some stuff from Waves and so on.

Field Recording Equipment

Field Recording Equipment

As a field recordist, I travel the world to make new sound recordings. I specialise in sound recordings from far-away places that I visit on my travels. I enjoy travelling to the far corners of the world for my recordings: from Iceland, USA, China, New Zealand and Tibet to the Myanmar jungles, Vietnam, the Swiss Alps and many other distant regions.

I use the Sound Devices 722 and 788T recorders, as well as microphones from Neumann, DPA and Sennheiser; Rycote windshields; Dolphin Ears' Hydrophone.