Guido Helbling - About Me

Guido Helbling - About Me

My name is Guido Helbling. I have been working as a freelance Sound Designer and Sound Editor for more than 10 years, mainly on feature films and documentaries. Instead of light and colour I use the power of sounds to tell stories and convey emotions.

With every project, my loyalty belongs to the story. As Sound Designer, I create a sonic pathway for the characters in a story, guiding them through the intricacies of the plot.

I enjoy collaborating closely with my co-creators on a film in order to create the perfect combination of sound, music, picture editing, and directing. Needless to say, trust goes a long way in shaping a relaxed atmosphere during long hours in dark rooms.

I prefer getting involved in projects at an early stage. It is always best to start thinking about sound early on, ideally before production begins and all the way through the filming and editing stages. This way, potential problems can be identified and nipped in the bud.

While I like spending my days in front of screens, experimenting with the latest software tools (given that they work, of course), I also love roaming through untouched nature as a Field Recordist, producing new recordings on long hikes across snow-covered mountains, all the way to the far corners of the world.
No matter if I am in the wilderness of a jungle or a big city, capturing my own sounds remains an endlessly fascinating endeavour. New sounds and noises will help you create more original productions and unique audio tracks.
It is great to discover the world and its wonders on foot or, alternatively, with very simple means of transportation.

I consider my work as genre-defying, as it encompasses many different film projects: over the years, I have worked on documentaries in the Hindi language as well as feature films in Dolby Atmos. Genre films and character-driven dramas are among my favourite projects, though. No matter how complex your story is, I am always game to jump on board an exciting film project.

My sound studio in Winterthur, Zurich, is outfitted with a Pro Tools workstation complete with Dolby Atmos processing and playback. As the extended lockdown period has taught us, remote working is a viable solution even for high-end work. Naturally, I also enjoy collaborating face-to-face or traveling for work, if that's what the project requires. I am very enthusiastic about new technologies such as Dolby Atmos and will always try to find ways of incorporating such technological advancements into the telling of a story for greater emotional impact.


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Some fun facts about me:

  • Forget drums and trumpets, the bass guitar is the most noble of all musical instruments - particularly when paired with an Ampex amplifier. Period. It's just a shame I can't play any better…
  • I live with two teenage kids, so I am used to the challenges of understanding different states of minds and world views.
  • Don't let my love for hardboiled screen heroes and tough-talking villains fool you - I easily shed tears of joy whenever one of my beloved orchids begins to blossom.
  • Nothing like a climbing wall to push your own limits, expand your comfort zone, and teach you a lesson or two about humility.

Guido Helbling - About Me - Today

Music I currently listen to

Thievery Corporation,
Dave Matthews

The movie that changed my life

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (my first cinema visit)

This book changed my life

The Trip to Panama by Janosch; Magic Cleaning by Marie Kondo (it works! well, mostly...)

Favourite Movies

The Good The Bad and The Ugly,
No Country For Old Men,
The Green Mile
...and many, many others. Just reload the page...

Places I want to visit again

New Zealand, Vietnam, Iceland, China, Myanmar

My advice for orchid lovers

If you want them to bloom, you need to use fertiliser

My advice for travellers

It's not an adventure until all your plans fail!