Guido Helbling - About Me

Guido Helbling - About Me

For more than 10 years, I have been creating the sound design for award-winning feature films and documentaries in Switzerland.

My passion is to use sounds to tell stories and create emotions. My job is to bring the director's vision to life.

Communication is key to creating a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of trust between collaborators, particularly during long hours in the studio.

No matter what stage of production a project is in, I am always happy to help. However, the earlier I get involved in a project, the better. I can nip potential problems in the bud; or I can produce draft versions of sounds and atmospheres for the editors, so they don't need to work off a temp track.

As much as I like spending my days in front of screens, I also love roaming through untouched nature as a Field Recordist, capturing new sounds in the far corners of the world. No matter whether I am on some icy peak or far below in the concrete jungle, capturing my own sounds remains an endlessly fascinating endeavour. New sounds and noises will make your productions livelier, more interesting, and unique.

My work is not bound by any genre. Over the last few years, I worked on many different projects, including a documentary in Hindi as well as a feature film in Dolby Atmos. Genre films and character-driven dramas are, however, among my favourite projects.

In my studio in Winterthur, Zurich, I use industry-standard equipment like Pro Tools, complete with Dolby Atmos processing and playback. I am fascinated by cutting-edge technologies such as Dolby Atmos and how they can be used to tell stories. While I do think that remote working is a viable solution for post-production (as lockdown taught us), I nevertheless enjoy travelling for work, if the project requires it, or sharing workspace with colleagues.


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Music I currently listen to


The movie that changed my life

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (my first cinema visit)

This book changed my life

The Trip to Panama by Janosch; Magic Cleaning by Marie Kondo (it works! well, mostly...)

Favourite Movies

Fight Club,
The Good The Bad and The Ugly,
No Country For Old Men
...and many, many others. Just reload the page...

Places I want to visit again

New Zealand, Vietnam, Iceland, China, Myanmar

My advice for orchid lovers

If you want them to bloom, you need to use fertiliser

My advice for travellers

It's not an adventure until all your plans fail!